“The KitBooks are amazing! The kids were engaged and ‘plugged in’ to learning in the middle of the summer. They even asked to skip their free time to use their KitBooks…
— Leona S.

Nature's Workshop Plus

In 2020 Nature’s Workshop Plus acquired KitBook to further advance KitBook’s mission of bringing hands-on STEM curriculum to students.

The Electric Circuits KitBook improves test scores 32% over traditional teaching methods.

KitBooks A Better Way to Learn

KitBook was founded in 2005 by two engineers who wanted to build a company around hands-on learning. Ed Basconi and David Jones are life-long learners with a passion for making science fun and easy to understand.

Both Ed and David have held engineering, managerial and training positions at major US and international companies building electronic products. As fathers of three children each, both developers acknowledge and appreciate the honest feedback their children provided during development of the KitBook.

A New Way To Learn

In its first two years the KitBook picked up two national awards, and a study at the University of Tennessee showed its effectiveness in the classroom. Students, parents and teachers have all told us, “learning by doing is fun.”

And when students enjoy science, they are more likely to consider careers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).